Specialised manufacturer of coir and entrance mats

The right mat for every location

Rinos has a mat for every entrance. In high-traffic locations like shopping centres, large hotels, museums and healthcare centres, or in medium traffic locations, such as showrooms, offices and houses. Choosing the right entrance mat means answering two important questions:

  • How much traffic passes through the entrance?
  • And does the entrance have an outside mat?

We manufacture walk-off carpeting for every situation. For high and medium traffic locations. And also for areas where there is a lot of walking in and out by people wearing safety shoes and shoes with hard, profiled soles.

Mat matrix

Every mat looks the same, but nothing could be further from the truth! In order for customers to make the right choice for every situation, we have developed a walk-off matrix. It’s a decision aid that shows at a glance which mat fits your requirements best. This walk-off matrix classifies our mats according to the correct type for each application.

A secondary school is a good example of a high traffic location. If a thousand pupils walk in and out all day, the walk-off carpet has to cope with a lot of traffic. In this case, a carpet with an A or C type rating is required.

View the interactive mat matrix

Scraper versus absorbent walk-off carpet

Scraper walk-off carpeting (types A & B) has a dual function, thanks to the combination of soft and hard yarns. The hard yarns scrape the dirt from the soles of shoes. The soft yarns absorb moisture. An outside mat (type E) is not required for scraper walk-off carpets. However, it can contribute to an even cleaner interior.

Absorbent walk-off carpeting (types C & D) consists mainly of soft yarns that absorb both dirt and moisture. To keep dirt out even more effectively, we recommend combination with an outside mat (type E).

The outside mat

An outside mat (type E) is designed to catch dirt. Thanks to its scraper function, an outdoor mat mainly removes coarse dirt, immediately, outside the building. Outside mats are used in combination with absorbent mats in the entrance area, to prevent moisture from being walked in. A good outdoor mat is easy to rinse clean and dries quickly.

Installing doormats

Installing an entrance mat requires extra attention, for two reasons. Firstly, the entrance area is the most heavily used part of the floor. Secondly, the entrance area is exposed to differences in temperature and humidity – more so than other floors in a building. As a specialist, Rinos is happy to give advice on the best way to install walk-off entrance mats and coir mats. This way, your clients can get the most out of our products.

> installing and gluing walk-off entrance carpet
> installing and gluing coir mats
> preventing shrinking, stretching and migration problems

Entrance mat maintenance

Our walk-off carpeting is far more sturdy than ordinary carpets. We use specially treated, thicker yarns – which are better at absorbing dirt and moisture – and a sturdy backing. According to our customers, our authentic coir mats are the best coir mats available. Maintenance is also important to prevent wear and tear. Daily vacuuming, for example, is important. In commercial environments, we recommend treating our walk-off entrance mats twice a year, using a spray extraction method.

> maintenance and cleaning of walk-off carpeting
> maintenance and cleaning of coir mats

Rinos mat performance

At first glance, there often seems to be little difference in the performance of various types of walk-off entrance mats. But performance measurement shows the difference! By measuring the performance of a mat, Rinos knows to what extent sand and dirt are captured by each type of walk-off mat. We developed a method that helps customers decide which type of mat is suitable for which location. It’s based on four, simple, scored criteria:

  • degree of sand absorption
  • extent to which the mat can be cleaned
  • degree of permanent soiling
  • degree of visible soiling

The two most important criteria, the degree of sand absorption and the extent of visible soiling, are always listed in our specification tables. This clarifies the performance differences between products.

Read all about sand absorption