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Modular entryway flooring

The fervour around modular flooring is taking off. For carpet tiles too – keeping building entrances clean, dry and safe to walk on. Carpet tiles are a welcome addition to our customers’ walk-off strategies. They are a great example of market demand for time-saving and money-saving, flexible solutions.

Flexible in both use and maintenance

One important advantage of carpet tiles is how fast and simple they are to install – but not just that. Entrance carpet tiles are easily maintained and can even be individually replaced. Think of that stubborn stain, chewing gum or slight damage here and there. Replacing just one, or even several entrance tiles is much more cost-efficient that replacing the entire entrance floor.

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Easily stored too

Rinos’ entrance carpet tiles measure 50×50 cm. You can order per single box containing 3 m2 which is easily stored. Choice of two different qualities: Victoria and Delta – each available in two shades. The brushing Victoria walk-off carpet tile is for heavy use. The Delta carpet tile is extra absorbent.

Install your tiles in different ways

Play around with how the tiles are installed to create subtle patterns. ‘Half drop’ is rows of tiles juxtaposed to each other. A ‘monolithic’ pattern places all the tiles next to one another in the same direction of pile. ‘Checkerboard’ creates just that kind of pattern of tiles given a quarter turn.

Half drop
When installed in this manner, the optical pattern helps to subtly hide that dirt.

All the advantages of tiles but looking like normal matting.

Giving the effect of a playful design in no-time – all with the same tiles.