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Cut length: service without stock

Keeping many different colours of walk-off matting in stock is a challenge. It increases stock volume, while the turnover rate of a specific colour may be low. Our cut length service also helps wholesalers and distributors to supply colours that are less in demand. Choose from as many as 32 colours in four quality grades. This means that you can still offer plenty of choice, without stock, and never miss an order!

A solution for every project

The Rinos cut length service offers a solution for every project. The range includes four quality grades: Symphony2, Moss, Dimensions and Delta. Scraping and absorbent mats in plain and blended patterns. Suitable for commercial applications with usage class 32 or 33. Also with HydroTX (absorbs up to 3x more moisture during the first steps) or made of ECONYL® (regenerated polyamide). The cut length range consists of as many as 32 colours!

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Pura Backing

The entire cut length range is only available with Pura Backing. This backing is PVC and plasticiser-free. It prevents discolouration of porous main floors such as natural stone, parquet and LVT. Mats with Pura Backing are flexible and easy to lay. They also weigh less, and are therefore economical to ship as cut lengths via UPS.

Ordering information

Our cut lengths are from a 200 cm wide roll with an approximately 2.5 cm border on the left and right. The front and back edges have no border. Cut length orders may range from a minimum length of 140 cm to a maximum of 850 cm. For smaller cut lengths please order a standard size.

Due to tolerances, please order the mat oversized if it needs to be trimmed to fit a mat recess. We can combine the transport of cut lengths with your standard orders. In addition, we can send cut lengths by UPS if you wish. We charge the UPS freight costs, which depend on destination and weight. Feel free to ask us for a cost estimate. When ordering, please provide the full delivery address and a local contact person and telephone number. We cannot deliver cut lengths to a PO Box address.