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Our collection of entrance mats

As a specialised manufacturer of walk-off carpeting and coir mats, Rinos has the right mat for every location and situation. Discover our entire collection now. The mat matrix will help you make the right choice.

Supporting the perfect entrance

You only make a first impression once. And this also applies to the entrance of a building. Rinos supplies walk-off entrance carpeting that helps provide a warm welcome to any building or location. Our mats fit your interior design – and keep floors clean and dry.

Each type of walk-off carpet has different properties. Rinos supplies absorbent mats, scraper mats and outdoor mats. For high traffic and medium traffic applications and, if desired, with environmentally friendly Pura Backing.

Scraper carpet

The combination of soft and hard yarns gives scraper carpet dual qualities: the hard yarns scrape the dirt from shoe soles, while the soft yarns absorb moisture. An outside mat is not necessary if scraper walk-off carpeting is used. An additional, outside mat does contribute, however, to an even cleaner interior.

Absorbent walk-off carpet

Absorbent walk-off carpeting consists mainly of soft yarns that are capable of absorbing dirt and are optimised for moisture absorption. Walk-off entrance carpeting with innovative HydroTX™ technology absorbs up to 3x more moisture during the first steps, compared to conventional mats. To keep dirt out more effectively, we recommend a combination with an outdoor mat.

Outdoor mat

An outdoor mat is designed to catch dirt. The scraper function of an outdoor mat picks up dirt outside, before traffic enters the building. Outdoor mats are used in combination with an absorbent mat in the entrance area to prevent moisture from being walked in. An outdoor mat is easy to rinse clean and dries quickly.

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Mat matrix, a handy selection tool

We developed the mat matrix to help our clients make the right choice for every situation. It's a decision aid that shows at a glance which mat fits your requirements best. Click on the label that applies to your premises, in the matrix below. You will immediately get an overview of all suitable mats, which you can click through if you wish. All our mats are labelled in this way.
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not combined with outdoor matting (scraping) A B
combined with outdoor matting (absorbing) C D
outdoor matting E