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Maintaining and cleaning entrance carpets

In order to safeguard the effectiveness of your Rinos entrance matting and to extend its live, we recommend cleaning your entrance matting on a regular basis.

Daily maintenance

  • Vacuum the dry dirt on your entrance matting preferably with a professional vacuum cleaner with a driven, rotating brush or a consumer vacuum cleaner with Class C dust extraction from carpet.
  • Allow wet areas to dry out fully and then treat as dry dirt.

By vacuuming your entrance matting regularly the dirt is loosened effectively and removed. Your entrance matting will have a fresh, clean look and will retain its effectiveness.

Periodic maintenance

  • Standard 2x per year more frequently for stubborn dirt.
  • Treatment of the entrance matting using the brush extraction method (injecting with water at high pressure that is immediately sucked back up again).
  • If the entrance matting is extremely soiled a cleaning agent (preferably pH neutral) can be added to the water. Rinse well because any remaining residue will attract new dirt more quickly. We recommend using professional James for this purpose.
  • After this treatment the entrance matting must be dried properly in a well-ventilated room.