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Preventing shrinking, stretching and migration problems

Shrinking and stretching

Shrinking and stretching problems concerning entrance matting can be removed by adopting a few precautionary measures when laying. Shrinking and stretching problems can arise in transit. Via the transfer from a cold to a warm environment, or vice versa, the entrance matting has to contend with great variations in temperature.

What you can do about this:

  • Allow the entrance matting to acclimatise in the room where it is to be laid
  • Irrespective of size, glue the entrance matting as much as possible, paying particular attention to the seams

Shrinkage and stretching percentages may vary per product. Specific dimensional stability values can be found in the individual product specifications.


Migration can arise with all kinds of flooring. Correct precautionary measures will prevent this.

Migration is understood to mean the discolouration that occurs on the floor due to the impact from the top coating of the floor on the PVC backing of the entrance matting. This top coating may consist of protective layers or cleaning residues left behind after maintenance or cleaning of floors.

Examples of top coatings for floors:

  • Laminate: varnish or finish
  • Wood: oil or paint
  • Stone: green soap residues

Prevent migration in the following ways:

  • Apply the protective coatings properly and let them harden
  • Remove cleaning residues properly
  • Use a piece of underlay