Specialised manufacturer of coir and entrance mats

Specialised manufacturer of walk-off carpet and coir mats

Since 1925

Rinos has developed and produced coir entrance mats and walk-off carpets since 1925. As a specialist, we supply our mats worldwide to wholesalers, distributors and leading carpet brands, who distribute our products under their own brand names to offices, shops, hotels, museums, hospitals and commercial interior decorators.

7 reasons for choosing Rinos

For some, our knowledge and experience are decisive, for others it’s our logistics, or private label approach. There are seven important reasons to choose Rinos.

  • knowledge and experience: a century of craftsmanship
  • branded features: unique product innovations
  • marketing & promotion: support for distribution brands
  • logistics service: a deal is a deal
  • private label service: your own mat designs
  • sustainable: product-specific EPDs
  • history: the manufacture of mats is in our DNA

Rinos is making use of Iso 9001:2015 as a Quality Management System. The policy declaration can be requested via our Customer Service desk.

Masterly craftsmanship

Every mat seems the same. However, there are big differences. For example, in moisture and dirt absorption. Rinos does a lot of research on this. We are constantly innovating and we apply our innovations as soon as they are proven to work. Our designers specifically look for colour and texture solutions that complement the dirt-trapping function. We call it ‘design meets dirt’. Our mats do their job and are in line with the latest trends in floor design. We have been masters of our craft, for almost 100 years!

Innovative branded features

HydroTX™ and Pura Backing™ are unique Rinos product innovations, developed by our R&D department. HydroTX textile technology absorbs up to three times more moisture during the first steps than conventional mats. Pura Backing is the Rinos answer to increasing demand for more environmentally friendly and sustainable entrance mat solutions.

Rinos offers HydroTX and Pura Backing as branded features to wholesalers and distributors. So you can distribute Rinos entrance mats, with these features, under your own distribution brand. The innovations of both increased moisture absorption and durable backing make it even easier for Rinos customers to differentiate their brands.

Marketing & promotion

Marketing and promotional activities start with telling the right story. Rinos supports customers with effective promotion. A story that helps to improve the sales and turnover of your branded walk-off range. We provide various communication assets, in the form of text, images and video for online use on websites and in social media channels. There are also product leaflets, displays and, for example, sample swatches for point-of-sale presentation.

Logistics service

As a specialist in the manufacture of mats, Rinos is able to produce and deliver quickly. Personal attention to our customers and an excellent logistics service are important to us and are in our DNA. Delivery times of four weeks or more are no longer acceptable. For us, a deal is a deal.

The PVC-backed range on this website is delivered free (FCA) within 5 working days after order confirmation (up to 250 m2 per order). Delivery of other products – for example with Pura Backing – and larger orders takes place within 15 working days. We are proud of our track record of delivering 98% of confirmed orders on time.

Do you have special requests – for packaging or backing, for example? We also offer customised solutions. Feel free to challenge us!

Unique designs that complement your product range

The Rinos private label service gives customers the opportunity to deliver projects that are designed completely and without compromise to fit their own interior and floor designs. Together with your designers, we create and manufacture mats that specifically fit your product range. Mats of the right material, with interesting textures, in modern colourways and a broad range of surface designs. Our structured approach makes the process easy to control and guarantees a result in accordance with the agreed specifications.

Read more about our private label service

Sustainable, from generation to generation

Rinos is the original manufacturer of the authentic, sustainable coir mat. For generations, the family business has had an eye for people and the environment. It is only logical for Rinos to pass on the company to future generations in a responsible manner. The Rinos Sustainability Path is our long-term programme, based on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. At product level, we publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to show the results of our efforts.

Read more about the Rinos Sustainability Path


Since its foundation in 1925, Rinos has been located in Genemuiden, the cradle of the Dutch carpet industry. Rinos was one of the first manufacturers to weave coir mats mechanically. A century later, Rinos is virtually the only remaining European manufacturer of coir mats for commercial applications and domestic use. We have achieved notable milestones and continue to focus on what the company does best: developing and producing walk-off carpets and coir mats. Manufacturing doormats is simply in our DNA.

Rinos is an authentic family business, which supports the Carpet Museum in Genemuiden. The museum tells and shows the fascinating history of carpeting, from the late Middle Ages to the present day.

The start of this family business

Willem Siebert establishes the Coir Matting Weavers W. Siebert and Sons with his son Jacob Siebert and stepson Herman Mulder, in a wood-built factory just 14 x 6 meters in Genemuiden (NL). Herman Sn. tells us in 1985 that the building cost 1,900 Dutch Guilders.

Brick-built 2-storey building

The 1930s are crisis years. The local Union of Coir Matting Companies ensures a stable market and better income. The firm moves into a two-storey brick-built building with four looms. Production capacity is doubled.

From rushes to ships’ hawsers

Delivery of coir fibre is suspended throughout WWII. The firm quickly goes back to producing mats from locally produced rush. Soon after Liberation Day, old ships’ hawsers are acquired, unravelled and reworked into new matting.

Relations with N.C. John & Sons commence

Coir fibre is no longer bought by the company via British warehouses. It is directly acquired from the Indian suppliers N.C. John & Sons. They are not considered to be the largest local producer, but certainly one most open to innovation and delivering quality goods. This business relationship continues to this day (2022) – more than 75 years.

Electrically driven looms

The firm acquires the very first electrically driven looms. They produce runners and doormats on these looms. They were the very first to introduce paper yarn to the market. Shortly after than they introduced coir fibres once more.

The first industrial complex

The very first industrial estate in Genemuiden becomes available in 1949. The firm acquires 3,000 square metres, moves the weaving halls there and uses the extra room on the terrain to allow dyed coir fibre to dry in the open air.

A competitive market

In order to expand, W. Siebert & Sons steps back from the Coir Makers’ Union after 15 years. The firm is now free to manufacture the likes of doormats in prisons. This huge step within the competitive market definitely did no harm to the company.

The first full factory

On the industrial estate in Genemuiden (NL) the first full factory comes into being. This factory of 25×10 metres holds five looms in breadths from 50cm to 140cm. Expansion creates another two manufacturing halls next door, in the 1960s.

Coir Fibre

Mayor Soetendal lays the first stone for a yarn mill and drying mill – the cooperative, Interkos. Rinos is just one of the 13 coir manufacturers involved. The newspapers report that life in Genemuiden hangs by a (coconut fibre) thread.

From Senior over to Junior

Herman Mulder Sr. and Jacob Siebert hand over the reins to their mutual sons, Herman Mulder Jr. (in the picture) and Chris Siebert. Many new developments take place over the following years. For instance, innovations that are characteristic of the DNA of this family business.

Rinotap cut-resistant coconut (coir) matting

The firm introduces cut-resistant coir matting. This patented technology creates rugs wherein coir fibre matting is placed on PVC backing. The new brand name Rinos also sees the light of day. Product name Rinotap for the cut-resistant coir matting on a PVC backing comes from ‘Rinos’.

Tufted polymer on PVC backing

Tuft technology is introduced to carpet production. Rinos however, remains faithful to the original segment and applies the use of tufting to doormats. The Cleaner, a tufted polymer doormat on PVC backing, is considered visionary in the marketplace.

Rinos becomes the company name

The Mulder family becomes sole company owner and changes the name to Rinos B.V. (Ltd.). It all comes from that exceedingly strong animal, the rhinoceros. This brand name was introduced 10 years previously, by the way. Rinotap was the first product name in 1970, derived from the brand name.

Dye-works under own management

Rinos is the sole company still utilising the cooperative dye-works Interkos. This dye-works was established with other producers in 1964, for the dying of coir fibre. Rinos decides to continue the dye-works under own management.

The French marketplace

Rinos incorporates their rival French manufacturer BTB. This ensure the company’s steady entry to the French marketplace. Production in France is stripped down. BTB is henceforth a wholesale distributor.

New assembly lines

The demand for coir matting grows exponentially. Rinos realises they need to start up a separate assembly line for backing polymer mats. In 1992, this even resulted in a second backing assembly line!

4th generation Mulder

The brothers Martin and Harm Mulder, 4th generation of the family business, take over from Herman Mulder Jr. who, as 3rd generation had built the company up from the foundations laid down by W. Siebert & Sons which Herman Mulder Sr. had continued.

Ultrasonic cutting technology

Rinos in Genemuiden (NL) is the original matting manufacturer to start with ultrasonic cutting tech. This is a huge step, not just in product quality but in product flexibility as well. Developments keep on keeping on!

The dye-works move to India

The dye-works, initially established in 1960 and incorporated in 1982, are removed to India. Together with N.C. John & Sons, supplies partner since 1946, Rinos Genemuiden continues the dying activities in joint-venture CTPL.


As the very first matting manufacturer, Rinos uses ECONYL® – regenerated polymer. It’s all about sustainability from now on. Dozens of other innovations follow, eventually leading to the Rinos Sustainability Path.

The incorporation of Milcotuft

The acquisition of rival Milcotuft B.V. means extensive expansion of the position as Private Label supplier. The Rinos’ operational procedures guarantee clients end results without concession.

The power of innovation

Anticipating international law, Rinos utilises phthalate free plasticiser in the production of PVC backing, as first in the branch to do so. Time and time again, this family business proves to have huge power of innovation.


Rinos orders an upgrade of the corporate identity. This results in a modern, quickly recognisable house-style – typifying the rhinoceros horn – that is applicable for use in hundreds of marketing tools. Our vow: Supporting the perfect entrance.

Greener yet

The assembly line kilns are converted from gas to electric. The increased level of precision saves costs. The manufacture of coir occurs, thanks to the installation of solar panels, entirely via self-generated power.


Rinos launches branded feature HydroTX™ . This is a technological tour de force from our own R&D department whereby doormats absorb up to three times more moisture from the first steps taken upon the mat. Once again, an example of the power of innovation.

Pura Backing™

Pura Backing™ is the Rinos answer to the increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly, ergo sustainable solutions. Rinos offers this PVC-free carpeting as branded feature to wholesalers and distributors, as they do HydroTX™ .

Present day

Rinos wants to pass the company on to all the following generations in a responsible, sustainable, manner. The Rinos Sustainability Path clearly defines the way forward: always thinking of the environment, decreasing CO2 emissions, more use of renewed and renewable materials, and etc.