Specialised manufacturer of coir and entrance mats

Rinos & sustainability

Rinos is the original manufacturer of authentic, sustainable coir mats. This family business has had an eye for both people and the environment for generations. So, it’s only logical for Rinos to make sure that the business continues to be passed on to our future generations in a responsible way. The Rinos Sustainability Path is our long-term programme, based on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

Until 2030, Rinos aims to focus on four goals from the UN Summit on Sustainable Development:

  • climate action
  • responsible consumption and production
  • sustainable innovation
  • decent work and economic growth

55% fewer CO2 emissions

We want to reach our goal in three steps. Firstly, we are reducing our direct and indirect CO2 emissions even more and going for green energy. For example, we want to emit 55% less CO2 in 2030 than we did in 2015. We already produce coir mats in an energy-neutral way. And in 2018, we replaced our gas-fired ovens with a production process using electric heating from solar panels. Worth mentioning: in 2020, emissions amounted to 0.74 kg CO2 eq. per m² of manufactured product. This is a reduction of 25% compared to 2015.

Recycled and renewable raw materials

Secondly, we are using recycled and renewable raw materials, that produce fewer emissions. This calls for adapted and new product concepts. Part of this challenge lies with our suppliers with whom we work closely, sometimes for generations.

The use of renewable materials is in the DNA of Rinos. We are originally a manufacturer of coir mats, made from the outer bark of the coconut. And we were the first to produce a walk-clean entrance mat using ECONYL® (regenerated polyamide). In 2020, we developed an alternative, PVC-free, backing for our mats – Pura Backing™.

Recycling entrance carpeting

Thirdly, we aim to further reduce emissions by coming up with new product concepts. Concepts that will enable complete recycling of entrance carpeting. This is quite a challenge, given the small scale of entrance carpeting within the flooring industry. For generations, Rinos has shown to be creative and innovative. That is also why we dare to take on the challenge in our niche market.

Environmental Product Declarations

Rinos is transparent about the effects of our product improvement. We publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our entrance mats. We also keep our regard for accumulated knowledge and craftsmanship alive. We pay full attention to training and development, a safe working environment and the vitality of our organisation, and we support various local and regional initiatives.

Rinos actively contributes to sustainability, by:

  • reducing our carbon footprint in a structured way
  • using more recycled and renewable raw materials
  • reducing and recycling waste
  • working towards a fully recyclable product
  • ensuring a safe, healthy, working environment