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The Rinotap coir mat absorbs moisture and scrapes dirt. An authentic mat for light commercial use (use class 31), for instance in smaller offices and residential environments. Rinotap is made of environmentally friendly, coloured, coir yarn and available in 11 colours!

Mat Matrix

Available as

  • Roll

  • Mat

  • Entrance carpet tiles

  • Cut length

A colourful doormat collection

Rinotap is a coir mat that absorbs moisture, scrapes dirt and is suitable for light commercial use. This doormat is available in 11 colours. The coloured coir yarn is a natural, cellulose product, coloured with environmentally friendly dyes. An authentic and robust entrance mat that radiates decades of experience and craftsmanship.

Rinotap is made of natural coir. With mechanically spun fibres. This gives the coir mat a uniform, regular pattern with minimum fibre loss. Rinotap comes in various pile depths.

The use of a unique, fibreglass scrim makes our coir mats extremely dimensionally stable, with minimal stretch or shrinkage problems. Rinotap is differentiated from Promotap by its finer, lighter-coloured coir yarns.

Rinotap prevents the spread of moisture and dirt. Contrary to popular belief, coir can retain a lot of moisture. The result is lower maintenance and cleaning costs, for all floors. The phthalate-free PVC backing also protects the underlying floor from walked-in moisture.

Rinotap’s cheerful range of colours works well with both modern and classic interiors. Coir mats should, however, only be used indoors. In situations with excessive moisture, such as very wet cleaning processes or lots of snow, the mat may shed colour.

The original Rinos product – for reasons still applicable today. The classic coir look is timeless and complements any interior, from modern to classic. The coarse, brush-like texture combined with the yarn’s natural colour nuance makes this mat combine well with cement floors, ceramic tiles, wood, and even textile flooring. In addition to its natural colour, Rinotap offers 10 beautiful, bright colours, from fresh green, bright yellow and shades of red to petrol blue-green. Three grey and two brown colourways offer more restful tones – always, of course, with the characteristic, nuanced colours of coir.

Endura9: yarn made from extra-long, durable coir fibers for enduring beauty

Endura9 is the new branded feature developed by Rinos for its coir mats. Through long-term and close supplier relationships in India, specifically in the western Tamil Nadu region, Rinos has access to fibers from the largest and finest coconuts. The larger the coconut, the longer the fiber (derived from the outer husk). Before spinning, we extract short fibers as much as possible from the base material. The remaining fibers can reach lengths of up to 30 cm.

The long staple length inherently ensures a strong, high-quality yarn. Coir mats made from Endura9 last longer and remain beautiful for an extended period. Yarn spun from these fibers are less likely to loosen quickly because they are better anchored in the backing. They are the only coir fibers strong enough to produce mats suitable for commercial use (Class 31 and 32).

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Pile material 100% machine-spun coconut fibre yarns
Pile weight ISO 8543 13 mm ± 2,35 kg m² 17 mm: ± 2,65 kg m² 20 mm: ± 3,15 kg m² 23 mm: ± 3,60 kg m² 28 mm: ± 4,35 kg m²
Use classification EN 1307 Natural: 31, Colour: NPD
Flammability Euroclass EN 13501 Efl
Sizes rolls *** 100/200 cm, ± 12,5 m¹
Backing PVC with integrated stability scrim
Absorption capacity TNO W6034 17 mm ± 7,1 l/m²
Total weight ISO 8543 13 mm ± 5,35 kg m² 17 mm: ± 5,65 kg m² 20 mm: ± 6,15 kg m² 23 mm: ± 6,60 kg m² 28 mm: ± 7,65 kg m²
Pile height ISO 1766 Natural: 10, 14, 17, 20 and 25 mm, Colour: 14 and 20 mm
Total height ISO 1765 Natural: 13, 17, 20, 23 and 28 mm, Colour: 17 and 23 mm
Pile density ISO 8543 NPD
Number of stitches ISO 1763 ± 38.000 /m²
Wearing class EN 1963 32
Comfort EN 1307 LC5
Dimensional stability ISO 2551 NPD
Light fastness ISO 105 B02 Natural: >6, Colour: NPD
Water fastness ISO 105 B01 Natural: 3-4, Colour: NPD
Rubbing fastness ISO 105 X12 Natural: 3-4, Colour: NPD
Salt water ISO 105 E02 Natural: 3-4, Colour: NPD
Shampoo BS 1006 Natural: 3-4, Colour: NPD
Organic solvents ISO 105 X05 Natural: 3-4, Colour: NPD
Static charge ISO 6356 2,0 kV
Slip Resistance EN 13893 DS
Yarn construction Velour
Design Natural/Colour: Uni
Colours 11
Suitabililty for stairs EN 1963 NPD
Suitability for castor chairs EN 985 NPD

Download the Light Reflectance Values here.

* Sand Absorption Class 3: >=90%
Sand Absorption Class 2: 80% =< class 2 < 90%
Sand Absorption Class 1: =< 80%
** Optical Class: 5 is best, 1 is lowest
*** All listed dimensions include a PVC edge of 2.5 cm. The roll lengths are an indication. Delivered length can be up to 15% higher or lower.


Matching all Floors

Rinos walk-off and cleaning entrance mats are suitable for commercial environments in which interior design and ambience are important. Our designers develop colourways that complement every interior style. For ambiences ranging from classic to modern design. The broad Rinos range always has the right solution, to complement both interior design and floor type. Make your own combination right here and be inspired by our options.

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NCS: 8502G


NCS: 6030R10B


NCS: 7020B


NCS: 4550G50Y


NCS: 3560Y30R


NCS: 3040Y20R


NCS: 3560Y90R


NCS: 7020Y60R


NCS: 8502Y


NCS: 8505Y80R


NCS: 9000N

Application areas

  • small entrance areas
  • small offices
  • commercial buildings
  • residential environments
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