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The Rinos family business starts the transition process to the next generation


Carpet manufacturer changes the ownership structure and introduces the fifth generation

Genemuiden, 21 December 2022 – The Rinos carpet manufacturer and family business today announced the transition to the next generation. This transition is linked with a change to the ownership structure and the introduction of the fifth Mulder generation to the family business.

Harm Mulder will continue the Rinos activities and Martin Mulder will continue as the owner of the French side of the business

Harm will take over the ownership of Rinos entirely as from 2023 with a view to the future succession by his children. Martin will then continue as the owner of the French business; Benoît le Tapis Brosse (BTB). Both companies will continue their activities independently from each other, but will continue to collaborate with each other. In addition, it will be determined how Harm’s children, Herman and Age, can start to play a role in Rinos’ day-to-day management. The fact that the continuity of Rinos as a family business is now assured, gives Martin room to explore other paths.

Continuity of the family business has the highest priority

As a family business, Rinos has always focused on the future. Safeguarding the continuity of the company and a healthy transfer to the next generation are important core issues within this context. Rinos was established in 1925. The brothers Martin and Harm Mulder (fourth generation) have now been working more than 35 years at the company. In 2013, Martin and Harm transferred the day-to-day management of the company to a new management team and, in 2020, Peter Kuipers became the Managing Director. This was all in preparation for the next generation to take over. Now, the time has come to start the transition to the next generation.

Martin Mulder explains: “It is a good moment to pass the baton. Rinos has a great basis in the market and, with the ownership of Harm and his sons, the family values and continuity of the company are safeguarded. I can step down without having to worry and know that our dedicated employees are in good hands. This gives me the opportunity to fully concentrate on BTB and, in addition, to go down new roads.” Harm Mulder adds to this: “I think it’s fantastic that I can continue the family business together with my sons. This ensures that our family heritage can be passed onto the fifth generation. Rinos is a healthy company and everybody has worked hard to ensure the organisation could achieve the current level. Thanks to the professionalism of our current employees and with the arrival of my sons, I am convinced that the healthy future of Rinos is guaranteed.”

New generation has joined Rinos

Herman and Age Mulder are studying the options available to fulfil a role within Rinos from their professional background (Finance and Supply Chain Management, respectively). For Herman, this means that he will become Project Manager within Rinos as from 1 February 2023. Herman has previously gained experience at a financial consultancy and another family business. After spending some more time abroad, as from 2024, Age will be focusing on a specific role at Rinos.

Management continuity will continue to be safeguarded

The Mulder family has been closely involved in the family business since it was established and strongly believes in the built-up internal and external business contacts. Peter Kuipers will continue to be the Rinos Managing Director and is looking forward to training the next generation. Martin will continue to deploy his knowledge and experience where needed to guarantee a smooth transition.

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