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Coir mats now 85% circular


We are happy to inform that we have been able to take another step on the Rinos Sustainability Path. Our objective, among other things, is to use as many recycled or renewable raw materials as possible. We measure this with the circularity index: the share of recycled and renewable raw materials in relation to the total raw materials. For several months now we have been using recycled calcium carbonate (chalk) as a filler in the backing of our mats.

Coir mats: 85% circular

The top of coir mats, such as that of our new Duratap Graphite, is made from the outer bark of coconuts. This is rapidly renewable material: the palm trees produce harvestable nuts 6 times a year. Because we now use recycled chalk, the total of renewable and recycled raw materials for coconut mats is approximately 85%.

Rinos Econyl mats 70% circular

The ratio is slightly different for mats with regenerated polyamide (Econyl). The pile weight of PA mats compared to the backing weight is much lower. Rinos mats with Econyl now consist of approximately 70% recycled raw materials.

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