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Sustainability: 25% CO2 reduction achieved


Everyone is talking about it: sustainability. But what is really being done about it? We have recently formulated our own objectives in this regard and will gradually reduce our company’s CO2 emissions in the course of a series of projects.

50% reduction in emissions

Our scope 1 and 2 emissions (deriving from gas and electricity use) have already been reduced by more than 25% over the past 6 years – to 0.74 kg CO2 eq./m². By 2030, these emissions must be reduced by at least 50%.

6 ECONYL® properties

We will reduce Scope 3 emissions (caused, broadly, by raw material use and transport) via innovations that make even greater use of renewable or recycled material. This is not new to Rinos. For almost 100 years we’ve produced coir mats, 50% of which consist of biobased material. The carbon footprint of a coir mat is roughly half of that of a polyamide mat. We were also the first to manufacture an entrance mat using ECONYL®. We now offer a range of 6 contemporary products made from this regenerated (recycled) polyamide. And this range will continue to increase!

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