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New: improved product information on coir rolls


All coir mats are made from coir fibre, but not all coir mats are equal. Nevertheless, it is difficult in practice to see the differences in quality. To make this distinction easier, we are implementing a running change in the production of coir rolls as of 1 November 2021. From this date onwards, we will be printing information on the back of PromotapRinotap and Duratap mats.


The production code (e.g., ‘450B3’) is now in a larger and clearer typeface, making it easier to locate and read.


Depending on the quality of the coir, the most important specifications (e.g., Class 31 or 32, Cfl-s1, wheelchair suitability, etc.) and the production origin (‘Made in the EU’) are now stated. Basic quality coir carries the least information, while the highest quality carries the most. The difference between the various qualities is therefore more clearly visible.

Usage advice

To prevent user complaints, Rinotap and Duratap carry printed application (‘Indoor use only’) and cleaning (‘Dry clean only’) advice. This prevents complaints arising as a result of exposure to excessive moisture.

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