Specialised manufacturer of coir and entrance mats

Private label – the perfect entrance

The Rinos private label service means you can deliver commercial projects according to your own, exclusive, interior and floor designs. This includes walk-off entrance mats to your own specifications – without compromise, naturally functional and, above all, with strong visual appeal. Indeed, integrated floor designs provide the ‘perfect entrance’, in harmony with the entire interior experience.

Buildings need an entrance mat with a look and image designed to complement the experience offered by the interior. But, let’s face it, entrance mats are not top-of-mind when it comes to modern floor design for commercial buildings. A grey variant is often chosen for the sake of convenience, as an afterthought, just before completion of the building. This may be a functional entrance mat, that might keep the building clean and safe and protect the main floor from wear and tear. But not one that optimally complements the floor design.

Unique mats for your range

Rinos has been manufacturing entrance and walk-off mats in Genemuiden since 1925. We are proud of our craftsmanship and are constantly researching areas such as moisture and dirt absorption, in order to provide products of the highest quality. And we don’t compromise on design. Together with our private label customers, we create unique mats to suit their ranges and marketing approach.

Design meets dirt

Rinos will work with your own designers to design and manufacture private label entrance mats that fit in with your own product range. Mats of the right material, with interesting textures, in modern colours and in a wide range of patterns. Rinos is where design meets dirt: our private label entrance mats simply do their job, while perfectly complementing your floor designs.

Structured approach

Rinos gives designers complete freedom when it comes to choice of material, colour, texture and pattern. We develop new products, together with our private label customers, using a ‘milestone process’ – a structured approach that makes the development process controllable. Our approach guarantees that the result is in accordance with the agreed specifications.

Industrial approach

We manufacture entrance carpeting using special machines, innovative yarns and a different backing from those of standard commercial carpets. We deliver the product on either a PVC or a more sustainable non-PVC backing. We also can also supply the cloth used for the production of carpet tiles or planks.

The advantages of our private label mats

  • exclusive designs
  • complement and supplement your existing product range
  • guaranteed highest quality
  • manufactured by master craftsmen (since 1925)
  • fast, reliable delivery
  • a well-thought-out, hassle-free, total solution